Commonly known al “tummy tuck”, this procedure is aimed at correcting the deformity caused by pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss, or age. The main factors that need attention are: the loose, redundant skin with overlying stretch marks, scars or other defects; the fatty tissue present; and the laxity in the muscles of the abdominal wall. Usually with general or regional anesthesia, (epidural), an incision is made in the “bikini line” designed to be covered by the patient’s choice of undergarments, and around de belly button. The skin and fat are elevated so they can be redraped.

The tissues around the abdominal muscles are reinforced to achieve as flat a tummy as possible. The excess skin, along with the underlying fat is removed, and the remainder is pulled down tight to give a more toned and shapely appearance. A small incision is made to pull the navel out to where it originally was. A compressive bandage and garment are to be used for 3 to 6 weeks. The patient generally remains in the hospital 1 or 2 days. The care after surgery is focused on avoiding undue physical effort for 6 weeks and must be strictly adhered to. Liposuction is frequently used to optimize the results.