When skin laxity due to age or large weight gain and loss is present, it necessitates a thigh lift. The skin of the inner thigh is thinner than on the outer thigh and has fewer support structures to keep it in place. Therefore, it tends to lose tone and sag more easily. Under regional anesthesia an incision is made in the fold of the inner thigh and extended along the groin and to the gluteal fold.

The skin and fatty tissue of the inner thigh is raised off the muscles, pulled and fixed in a higher position and the excess is removed. It is frequently necessary to extend the incision toward the knee on the inside of the thigh to further tighten the skin as needed. In situations where the back, side or front of the thighs are sagging, a butt or lower body lift may be necessary.

The incision lines are dressed and a compressive garment is worn for 3 to 4 weeks.