When the creases and wrinkles don’t disappear satisfactorily after the skin is tensed or in areas where tension cannot be applied as on the lips, it is necessary to improve the quality of the skin on its surface. The aim is to remove the old, dry, superficial layers of skin and stimulate the deeper layers to produce new, smoother surface. The main techniques to achieve this are ablative, (dermoabrasion); chemical, (peels) and light sourced, (lasers.)

All of these techniques have in common a period of swelling that begins to go down in 3 to 4 days; a phase of “weeping” of the treated area that evolves to a light to heavy crusting depending on the depth into the skin reached and that can last up to 10 days; and several days to weeks of reddening during which it is imperative to protect the new skin from exposure to the sun’s rays.